It's tested, genuine and most important, it's simple!

Maybe you have heard of some of these programs and ignored them. Maybe you are a member of some of them and seemingly going no where with them. I'll first present a few of these free to earn programs along with my proof of earnings. Then I will explain what you need to do in order to start making the kind of money I make, in free to earn programs. All links will open in a new window. However, you should bookmark this page, just in case you click it off. have a look at this 

These sites can help you earn online by click ads, doing tasks, read emails, taking surveys and referring others!    PTC and GPT   HOT!

100% confirmed earning online via Paypal, Payza and check
It does not hurt to join these program, you know why? Because it is absolutely FREE to join!
No investment required free, FREE Part Time Job - Work from Home without any investment - Earn monthly

There are no obligations signing up. You never have to give your credit card or social security number. The only information you give is your e-mail (to confirm your account), name and home address (so they can mail your check). You never have to pay a single cent to earn money 100%.

My experience with earning from PTC sites.

You know that PTC sites offer the opportunity to make money online in the easiest and simple way. There are numerous PTC sites in the Internet. A large number of people search in the Internet for a genuine PTC site since no skill required working with PTC sites. The terms PTC means Paid to Click. Paid to read mail is almost similar to PTC. Joining PTC is completely free. It is an online earning scheme without any investment. 


FAQs and Tips for Beginners!

Q: Can I earn money by joining all the sites listed here on your blog? 

A: Yes you can earn real cash when you become a member and clicking their ads on a specific time frame. This is not a get rich scheme but if you can manage and build your downline well you'll be making a decent amount of money. 

Q: Are these sites free to join?

A: Yes! all PTCs listed here are free to join. Only few needs a little investing if you want to make serious money.

Q: How and when I get Paid?

A: You can withdraw your earnings via AlertPay or Paypal or any accepted payment processors when you already reach your minimum payout which usually range from $1 - $10.

Q: What is the most important thing to make a decent amount of money with PTC.

A: To make a decent amount of money with PTC you really need to know how to get Direct Referrals. Their is also Rented Referral and Bought Referral that somehow needs good management and strategy.

How to earn by clicking in 3 steps

1 Register at (alertpay) or FREE

Payments via:  or 

You will need to do this so that PaidToClick (PTC) sites can pay you.


2 Register a Gmail account FREE 
You need to have an email account to complete the next step. 


3 Visit each programs below and join the sites FREE 
This site are the best paying ontime, one of the best ptc sites daily updated. Just register at them and start earning! 
More details


 -Fill the details & click "Register" 
 -Login and go to Earn Money>Browse Ads & click ads to earn


How to earn?

How PTC site works: Members get paid for clicking on ads or reading mail. Some PTC sites make payment for playing games or completing offers etc. There are two folds earning schemes. Members are paid for visiting websites or ads for a specific time limit and secondly for reefing others to join. Maximum PTC sites pay $0.01 for visiting a website or ad for 30 seconds. If some one joins though a member%u2019s referral, the member will earn for referral visit. In most of the cases members earn 100% for each website your referrals view. Make sure you are log in with your username and passwords before visiting a website and amount credited. 

How much you can earn from PTC sites?
 Remember it is not a get quick rich program. I am furnishing below an example:If you can collect 10 referrals and visit 10 websites per day you earning per day will be as follows:For visiting 10 websites per day = 10X.01=$0.10From your referrals you will earn=10X10X.01=$1.00Total=(1+.10) = $1.10 per day.You can increase your earning by referring more and more people. Referrals are the main source of earning. So try to collect as many referrals as you can. 

How you will get your payment:
 Maximum PTC sites may payment through Paypal or Payza. It is better to open your Paypal or Payza account before joining any PTC sites. Opening with Paypal or Payza is completely free. Once you collect the money in your Paypal or Payza account you can request for check. They will send payment when your balance accumulated to $10 or more. 

Can you name a best PTC site:
 Maximum PTC sites are fraud. They are very much reluctant to make payment to their members. Sometimes they unnecessarily delay in payment. So my warning to you before joking any PTC site test it first. Search in Google or yahoo with the words Name of PTC site- scam, Name of PTC site- fraud, Name of PTC site- payment, From the search result you can easily filter the PTC sites.. my experience with PTC site is very bad. At first I joined a PTC sites named Adbux, next Both of the sites did not pay me. I actually received payment from hits4pay.

These are the best paying ptc sites but some new sites are also coming to this industry and has started paying to its members but one thing which needs a mention is that before joining in any ptc site its necessary to check its payment proofs.


What is a referral? 
There is an "upline" and a "downline". The downline is the so called "referral", a person who joined with a special link from already existing user. The upline is the person who is already registred at a site and is helping other people to register at the sites with the special link from the upline.

Why do we need referrals? 
The PTC and many GPT (Get Paid To) owners invest a lot of money in their sites. They also have to invest in selfsponsored ads when they start because there are no advertisers willing to advertise at a site with only 10 members. That's why they offer referral earnings to the people who help other people to register witht heir special link called "referral link or ref link". Referral earnings can be everything from 5-100% of what the downline (referrals) earn to 1-10 cent for each new referral that join your downline. 
Referral earnings help the ptc owners to use less money on advertising (or no at all) in the long run. The higher referral earnings are the more people are willing to invest their own money in advertising the site to get these referral earnings that can be really huge if you got a very big downline (many referrals).

Free referrals


So you want free referrals eh? I guess anyone that has ever been a member of any type of paid to click, get paid to or even a survey site with a referral program have always wondered not only only how to get referrals but where you can get free referrals from. Well I got good and bad news for you, if you are looking to get tonnes of free referrals so you make so much money that you never have to work again%u2026 well it just aint ever gonna happen.

I can give you some good news, upgrading your account at PTCBox will give you free referrals as a bonus with your upgrade, for every $10 spent in your upgrade you get one referral free. This is a nice incentive on it%u2019s own to upgrade your account and when you think how much some people have spent on renting referrals for one month at various bux sites, getting free referrals for life with your upgrade is a pretty good way to go about things.

Of course there are no guarantees with your free referrals other then they have clicked at least 2 paid to click ads, what they do after that is all up to a bit of luck I guess. Personally out of the 20 free referrals that I got with my upgrade about 11 of them have continued clicking ads, 9 of them have nothing for me, but 2 of my active referrals have both clicked in excess of 100 ads each, so obviously I am pretty happy.
It would also be fair to think that with 2 people clicking so many ads at some stage they will upgrade their accounts and I will recieve a 20% comission from their upgrade fee, that will be a nice little bonus for me.
So now that we have determined that free referrals don%u2019t really exist lets explore easy ways to get referrals and in fact you will be suprised at just how easy it is, it does require a bit of work in the brginning but from there it is pretty easy.

Here is my step by step list to help get referrals

  • Create a blog at blogger
    Create a page at Tumblr linking to your blog
    Create a page at Hubpages linking to your blog
    Submit at article to Goarticles linking to your blog
    Submit an article at Ezine linking to your blog
    Post comments at similar blogs
    Post at forums, with your blog link in your signature
    Most importantly update your blog at least twice per week

So there you have it, it%u2019s not quite the same as free referrals but it isn%u2019t that hard to get them either.

If you ask most people that are a member of a PTC site they will tell you to advertise to increase your PTC referrals, there is some very cheap advertising around and can be an effective way to increase your down line. I find the best place to advertise is at  ADPAID a paid email sent to all members costs $13.00 and with around 5,000 members it is quite good value and I have always achieved good results when ever I advertise anything there.

A second way that comes to mind and doesn%u2019t cost any money, but you will have to invest some time is to post on forums, now I don%u2019t mean to find a forum and spam it about the great site PTC, what I mean is to become a member of the forum and get involved in the discussion, keep your post relevant to the topic and have you PTC referral link in your signature, most forums allow you some signature space and in the past I have gained huge amounts of referrals just from being active on a forum. If you join 10 to 15 forums and make about 5 posts per day, then you will find a bunch of clicks on your referral link which in turn will lead to new referrals.

Another way to get referrals is to use free blogging platforms and website builders, there is quite a few that come to mind, simply signup for an account with the service of your choice and start putting a site together, add some posts that describe PTC, how much you have earned and from there try to add new posts about 3 times per week, this will keep your rankings high on search engines and you will have visitors constantly comming to your site.

You can also create your own blog or website using the many free blog applications that are available, signup to the service of your choice, get your site design together and then start filling it with content, articles on PTCBox, your personal experience a description of PTC and what new members can expect when they join. I have listed a few free services below that you may wish to try.

Finally you could always do what I have done and purchase a domain name and hosting and make your own site, the benefits of this is that the site is yours to do what you like with, it won%u2019t go out of business or delete your blog like some of the free sites do. Hopefully this gives you a few ideas on how you can increase your own PTC referrals

How much time should I spend and how much will I earn per day?

The amount of money you earn per day depends on the number of ads available and the no. of direct/rented referrals you have. The no. of ads varies each day but usually it takes only 5-10 minutes to click them. You can earn more money by spending time to refer new members.


Do I have to pay anything?

You don%u2019t have to pay anything to earn money from ptc sites. However some sites offer upgrades which members can buy, but it is totally optional.


How much will I earn if I refer someone?

After someone joins any ptc using your link, they become your direct referral and you will money when they click ads. The exact commission rates for different ad types.

  • But I earn only cents?
    Most of new joiners didn't understand how to use PTC's correctly. They think that they can earn only cents or fraction from cents. This is not exactly that way! Your earnings are directly related how active you are and how many direct or indirect referrals you have. Referral is key figure in this business. So, it's better to use programs where direct referrals are not limited, I mean where you can refer as many people as you can. Your earning can be unlimited! I know people who earn thousands every month using only PTC programs. I make personally around $300-$500 monthly right now. What is pretty good additional income at least for me. You can earn same or more!

  • Also very important is that you are active and don't give up so easily. Building strong team can take a time and a lot of time. But when you have strong team already build then you can earn $10-$50 every day only with one program! So, don't give up when you see after month or so that you earn only $1 per day or per week, it%u2019s good when you earn $1 per day! Remember, depends on how big is your team, you can earn much much more.
  • Please note - This is not a get rich method. Don't expect to make thousands of dollars monthly. These sites help you earn a small additional income without any investment.

keep clicking ads everyday be active everyday  don't give up!

How and where to start?
First you need to register your own free accounts on legit PTC sites. I have listed here many sites what you can use. I have using most of them already years. Here you can see on the left side menu, there is "PTC list" icon. Click it. There are all legit sites listed. All programs have their own menu, where you can find all necessary information about any program. Now, just choose any of them and click on it. New page will open, and there you can join with your chosen PTC program. Just complete registration form as needed. Also before joining, it's good when you read before their terms of service (TOS). Remember;never ever register more than ONE account in one program! This isn't allowed and you will lose all your accounts and earned money. Only one account per IP is allowed!

  • It's better when you join all these programs what I have listed. Because, when you work with many programs, then you also can earn more money!

  • Most programs needed that you login every day and click at least 4 ads every day. If you don't do so, you can't earn money from your referrals tomorrow. Most of PTC's using that system, to make members more active. Actually it's good, because when all members are active, also your referrals are active. You make more money!

  • When you already have accounts and you click ads. Next thing you need to do, ask your friends to join. Give them your referral link, that way you can get referrals. They must put your username into referrer/sponsor field on the registration form. Referral link usually looks like this, http://www.ptcsitename/?r=yourusername. If your friends or anybody else click that link, your username will be automatically placed. Who is referral and why they are so important, you can read from the next chapter.

Avoid new bux sites, new sites are not reliable and most likely you just wasting your energy and time by using them. I have a lot of negative experiences by using new sites. They pay in start but probably not after month or two.

After your first cash out your earnings collect about $10 or more when it's needed. Because there is transaction fees and you save money when you transfer more at once. But do not wait too long. About $10-$20 is most optimal amount to cash out.

Before joining, always read terms of service and FAQ's section to know everything about the program.

Please do not register when you are not sure you have enough time to click ads and advertise your own referral links. You must be active if you want to earn cash with these programs seriously! Almost all sites required to click daily, when you want to earn cash from your referrals. Whatever you do, don't stop clicking and referring!